I would like to share a couple of messages that I have sent out to my students here at Makoto Dojo in order to keep them strong and to remind them of who and what Makoto Dojo School of Aikido and the Makoto Aikido Kyokai is all about. 

Hello Everyone:

I wanted to share a message that I wrote recently to one of our parents that was having a bit a tough time with all that is going on in our community. When this parent wrote to me, it reminded me of who we are and what Makoto Dojo and the teachings of Aikido do for people that go way beyond just a place to exercise and learn the martial art of Aikido.

The parent was sorry for being scared and I wrote:

“Please don’t be sorry. I understand and it is a little unnerving when you see people panicking so to speak! That is exactly why I wrote what I wrote to you. I want Makoto Students and Parents to be able to stand strong in the face of adversity and take it on in a positive way, whether it is our little guys or to you as an adult and parent! 

We all need somebody at some time and it makes me proud to know that what we teach helps real people and real families in real ways. It’s not about looking good, like so many of the martial arts out there, nor is it about beating down somebody for a trophy or any amount of money…it is about being able to really be “kindness, compassion, honesty and integrity” and being able to have the courage to hold others to that same standard and not let them run rampant over you. 

We have to be vigilant and take care of ourselves even when shopping at the stores these days, because desperate people do desperate things and no telling when we will have to defend ourselves against good people that might just panick? Thanks for communicating with me. I will always be here for you and your family.

What exactly got you scared? I hope my message did not scare you?! I always want to stay upbeat and positive and wrote my message to everyone as a boost of good spirits! I always tell the students “Gambatte! Neh?” As my message says, we need to keep our chins up…not out! So that we can always be there to help each other when in need. 

I have always seen the Dojo as a place people can come to be emboldened and encouraged to do their best. This is another reason I have embraced the words of Yoda, “Try not, do or do not; there is NO TRY!” I have a whole lesson around that topic in my college curriculum and I create a culture around that saying. I challenge all my college and Dojo students to take that little word out of their vocabulary. Furthermore, to understand that this small word completely undermines “integrity”, the true meaning of Makoto! 

Nothing works without integrity and I will always strive to be that…a teacher that will always be his word and to DO the very best he can to empower every student with the courage to be different and the creative thinking to make good choices! 

This is our mission at Makoto Dojo and bringing your family to the Dojo has helped us be that mission. People say that “you will attract those around you that are consistent with the way you are being!” We must be doing something right to have attracted you and your family to us! Thank you for your support and you will always be able to count on me and Makoto Dojo to be there for you and your family! Take care and thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I appreciate your trust and support! 

I want to dedicate this message to all of our students and parents of students that might be struggling with the uncertainty surrounding the current Coronavirus Pandemic. We will get through this because of the extraordinary character of this country and it’s citizens. Ultimately, we will have more knowledge of how to deal with a biological enemy and more courage and compassion for our neighbor!

Thank you all again for your unwavering support!


Larry Reynosa


I hope this message reaches you all and I would ask that you forward my message to anyone that I might know and have created friendships with.  I know many of the emails that I have are old and outdated, so I would appreciate it very much, if you would help me get in touch with those that I have had the pleasure of knowing. 


It is in these times that politics and styles just don’t matter…but friendships do! I wish that you all remain healthy and do not fall victim to this terrible virus that is plaguing the world.  


If you have the time, I would appreciate hearing from you!


With kind regards and gratitude,

Larry Reynosa

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